Asian Giant ‘Murder’ Hornets , Vitamin D and Ontario Lodges

Brad Schlorff our safety expert, retired Staff Sergeant with the OPP talks to us to talk to us about 2 men missing after boating mishaps.

Can Vitamin D Decrease Our Risk Of Getting Covid-19?
Dr. Reinhold Vieth
, retired professor from the University of Toronto (Department of Laboratory Medicine and Department of Nutrition) and Scientific Advisor for the Vitamin D Society, joins us to discuss the importance of Vitamin D for helping us stay healthy, support our immune system and decrease our risk of Covid-19.

Sous Machine What Is It?
Black Angus Blue Mountain is a high-quality butcher shop that specializes in AAA dry-aged black Angus beef, organic and naturally raised chicken, Berkshire pork, wild boar, bison, and many more fresh and frozen game meats. Founded in 2005 by owner-operator Sean Kelly, Black Angus Fine Meats & Game has flourished for over a decade, and they are now a small company made up of devout foodies who are passionate about excellent ingredients.

52% Of Ontario Lodges Might Not Open This Year Due To COVID-19
On last weekend’s show, we had Ted Putnam, Owner Of Hawk Lake Lodge. He mentioned to us a survey that was published by the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO), saying that about 52% of Ontario lodges might not open this year due to COVID-19. We are joined by
Beth Potter, CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO) to talk about this survey.

Justin Trudeau’s Gun Control Effort How Does This Affect Hunters
Alison De Groot, Managing Director of the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association (CSAAA), working for the manufacturers and gun store owners, joins us to talk about the Trudeau government law to ban some “assault style” weapons, like the M16, AR-10, AR-15. What does this mean for manufacturers and the stores?

Asian Giant ‘Murder’ Hornets
Dr. Robert Currie
, Professor and Head of the Department of Entomology at the University of Manitoba, joins us to discuss the Asian Giant ‘Murder’ Hornets. This is an invasive species that has been spotted in B.C., and there is concern of them colonizing in Canada and depleting our bee populations.

Why The Biggest Pike Are Found In Clear Water
The Doc
is the award-winning columnist and fishing editor for Outdoor Canada magazine the best coast to coast hunting, fishing, and outdoor magazine in the country. Gord Pyzer joins us on this weekend’s radio show, to talk about his new blog Why the biggest Pike are found in clear water, also the Fish’n Canada Live Stream

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