POLL: Which Type of Fishing do you Prefer?

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2021 is here, and it’s time to bring back our Fish’n Canada Polls!
Don’t forget to hit share after you vote and let us know WHY you chose your answer in the comments. The question this week is:
Which Type of Fishing do you Prefer?

Fish'n Canada

The Fish’n Canada Show first aired in 1986 with phenomenal success. In 1988 the program went coast to coast on CBC, the first North American weekly fishing show to broadcast on a national network. In 1992 the show went into syndication adding Global Television Network, prominent CTV and affiliates, and several cable networks. The move resulted in unprecedented fishing audiences. With the addition of WFN U.S. and The Sportsman Chanel Canada today the Fish’n Canada show dominates the airwaves with a national weekly reach of 3.5 million and ama of over 450,000 easily making it one of the most-watched “outdoors” programs in North America.

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