Opening Bass 2010

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Finally all of our fishing seasons are open, with Bass being the last one. Man it’s a long wait from November to the end of June!

Normally Mike Miller and I fish the Casey Cup (Bassmania, CSFL) but our Princecraft wasn’t ready for the event. So instead, I headed up to the cottage to put a bit of time on the water. Fishing was actually pretty good, no giants but consistent (biggest one around 4lb). The water temps ranged from 67 – 69 degrees F, the fish were well off the spawn and finished guarding fry. That said, they still weren’t super aggressive; probably in a week or two.

I caught my fish (all Largemouth) on 5” Yamamoto Senko’s, Whacky rigged finesse worms and a 4” Roboworm SourPuss with a light tungsten weight. I used everything from 8 to 20 pound line in mono, flouro and braid. I tried the Jig & Pig and quickly changed off of it once I had a cou.

Getting the opening day first Bass is all well and fun however the highlights of my weekend were definitely my boys Hunter and Cole catching and enjoying Largemouth, Smallmouth and Rockbass! They’re really getting on to the fishing and especially the releasing. I’m pretty sure the boys are already addicted, especially Cole (the youngest), he’s just nuts about it!

One of the weirdest happenings of the day was as I was fishing a back bay I heard a commotion about 150 yards away. There was constant splashing and I could see objects coming out of the water every now and then. Upon a closer look, I found 2 big Snapping Turtles face to face which I presume were mating. I couldn’t believe how much noise a pair of slow moving reptiles could make, but then… look what they were doing!

Pete Bowman

Pete, one of the most revered and popular anglers in the nation, has a tremendous love for the game… the fishing game. Pete’s vast knowledge of angling and ability to articulate it to audiences worldwide has endeared him to his fans who still see Pete as just “ONE OF THE BOYS”. Pete is also an accomplished and published outdoor writer and photographer as well as a sought-after speaker. In 2012 another of Pete’s ultimate fishing career highlights occurred when he was inducted into the Canadian Angler Hall Of Fame, something he never thought would happen. A Canadian fishing icon.

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