Zone 20 Pike Closing Day

Zone 20 Pike Closing Day

Although most of us are waiting for the new 2020 opening seasons of various fish species, you may be surprised that today (the last day of March) is closing day to the Bay of Quinte Pike season. If we posted this on the 1st April, some would probably say it’s an April Fools gag as it seems odd that Pike would be closing this late (or early depending on how you look at it).

Zone 20 in the Ontario fishing regulations states:

Northern Pike

Season: January 1 to March 31 and first Saturday in May to December 31

Limits: S-6 and C-2

To many, this may not seem strange at all since the season has been like this for a long time. As well, lots of zones like 17 have an all-year Pike season.

The unique part to Quinte Pike is that the ice has been out for around 11 days now (as of this writing) so anglers in the know were taking advantage with their boats and motors.

Pete’s long-time fishing buddy and fishing nut Mike Burriss has been at this pattern for a few years now. He says it’s the perfect time to get a nice feed of Northern fillets before the Walleye season opens in May.

Mike released the big Pike shown in the picture and says that the 5 – 8 pounders are perfect eaters.

With water temperatures in the high 30’s to low 40’s F, that Pike meat would be primo!

Thanks for the image, Mike!

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