Thousands of Brown Trout die after watermain breaks in Kincardine hatchery

Originally seen in Fish’n Canada’s Week in Review

Starting in Ontario, last week got off to a rough start when a construction accident near a Kincardine hatchery led to the loss of over 10,000 Brown Trout.

According to Owen Sound’s Sun Times, the incident occurred on the morning of October 15th when a construction crew working along the nearby Huron Terrace struck an unmarked watermain. In the time it took to repair the damage, the water supply was cut to the neighbouring hatchery at the Lake Huron Fishing Club and 10,000 Brown Trout fry were lost.

Fortunately, this accident seemed to come in one of the best places possible as the Brown Trout fishery in this area is thriving due to an extensive stocking program. Though the loss of 10,000 fish will surely be felt this spring, 20,000 fish are still expected to be stocked and this incident is only expected to be a “hiccup” in the club’s efforts.

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