The Perils of Fishing: Man Nearly Eaten by Whale

What is your most traumatic fishing story?  Is it a hook somewhere in a body part

Maybe a nesting Smallmouth Bass snapped at your toes as you were working on your dock while invading his turf. 

Maybe a Walleye poked you with its dorsal fin and then razored into your hand with its gill cover? 

Did a Muskie or a Pike tear a slice off of you?  How about that time you went shark fishing?

Well friends, we do feel your pain however, ya’ aint’ got nuthin’ on this guy!

Lobster diver Michael Packard, 56, of Wellfleet took to the ocean for his second dive of the day and hit quite a surprise. He was on a normal Lobster dive when things went abnormally wrong.

As the Cape Cod Times Packard said, “All of a sudden, I felt this huge shove, and the next thing I knew it was completely black”.

“I could sense I was moving, and I could feel the squeezing with the muscles in his mouth,” he said

Packard’s first thoughts were a Great White Shark but the lack of teeth cutting into him ruled that one out.

Ends up he was taken in by a Humpback Whale… yup, you heard it right. Luckily Packard had on his scuba gear.

His movements in the whale’s mouth brought the gigantic beast to the ocean’s surface where it eventually threw the diver out. Packard estimates he was inside the mouth for around 30+ seconds.

So the next time you have a traumatic experience while out fishing, remember it probably doesn’t rank quite as high as Michael’s!

Full Story from Cape Cod Times

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