Tensions escalate in French and British fishing dispute

Originally seen in Fish’n Canada’s Week in Review

Most people reading this article have likely had disputes over fishing spots, but a situation in the UK is now reaching extreme levels.

The Channel Island of Jersey

The conflict has largely stemmed from Britains leaving of the EU (Brexit) which has caused significant tensions between France and England who stare at each other from across the English Channel. Lately, the main point of contention has surrounded a large island in the channel known as the Channel Island of Jersey – a place geographically closer to France but governed independently by the United Kingdom.

Last month, this island began refusing dozens of French fishing boats licenses, effectively blocking the French from fishing in their own waters.

Tensions continued to build this week when, according to CTV News, the French have begun detaining and fining British fishing boats as the two sides fight over licenses in the previously shared area.

Although the conflict continues to remain political, international fishing conflicts in the past have escalated to near dangerous levels – including here in Canada when we almost went to war with Spain in the 1990s in what is now called the Turbot War.

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