Shooting Near Road Proves Costly for Two Ontario Men

We here at Fish’n Canada are concerned about “all” of our game species and not just as it pertains to fish. Trust us, we get that hunting is as much a privilege to Canadians and fishing is. Many of our friends hunt.

In this story’s case, it’s deer.

Here we have two people that shot deer “illegally”. Did they do it on purpose as in poaching, or was it a mistake?  

It doesn’t matter. If you’re a hunter, you need to know all of the laws.

This page states the laws as it pertains to this particular story. Go to the Roads: possession and discharge of firearms section. In a nutshell, it states “No discharge of firearms from or across the travelled portion of a right of way in any part of the province”. The article also tells you the charges and the fines etc.

Here’s the story.

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