Muskie Attacks Winnipeg Woman in Northern Ontario

Musky attacks

You hear of these sort of stories happening in the coastal waters off of the Carolinas or in the swampy waterways of the Florida everglades where humans sometimes become prey to the denizens of the deep, but seldom do we hear of a freshwater fish attacking and wounding a person in Northern Ontario. Well, welcome to 2020. It has been an extraordinary year indeed.

In a report out of the community of Minaki, some 50 kilometres north of Kenora, Ontario, angler Kim Driver from Manitoba was wading through the cool waters of the Winnipeg River when all of a sudden she found herself in the jaws of Canada’s apex freshwater predator, the Muskellunge.

In this exclusive interview segment taken from the most recent weekly Fish’n Canada Live Webcast, Kim Driver and her husband Terry recount their harrowing experience for the Fish’n Canada hosts.

According to Kim and her husband, Terry Driver, who was next to her at the time of the attack, the fish tried to drag her out into the deep water. Fortunately, it failed. Speaking to reporter Marney Blunt of Global News, the Drivers both stated that the musky’s head looked like an alligator’s.

We can’t remember the last time there was an official report of a musky attacking a human, although there are occasional rumours of someone’s foot or hand—dangling from a dock or boat—getting nipped by musky.

In any case, we could not find any other legitimate report of a musky, often referred to as the “freshwater wolf,” attacking an adult human who was standing in the water. We can already see the trailer for the blockbuster movie, “Freshwater Jaws.”

2020 truly is going to be the year to remember—and it’s barely halfway over.

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