More Wild Boar found near Pickering, Ontario

Originally seen in Fish’n Canada’s Week in Review

In what has become a theme over the last month or so, Wild Boar have, yet again, been spotted in the town of Pickering, Ontario.

As we covered a few weeks ago, a herd of 14 Wild Boar was spotted roaming a rural road just outside of the town of Pickering, quickly prompting the Ministry to get involved. Despite the quick response, however, it appears that the herd is still evading capture.

Trapping efforts are still underway but no success has yet been reported. It also appears that a few members of the herd are juvenile, however, officials are assuring that the pigs were farm-born and are not yet reproducing in the wild. Until the situation is resolved, the Ontario government is urging those in the Pickering area to report any Wild Boar sightings at or 1-833-933-2355.

For more on the Pickering sightings, as well as information on how these pigs are spreading throughout Canada, check out our previous article in the link below:

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