Moose Breaks into Saskatoon School

Originally seen in Fish’n Canada’s Week in Review

Two weeks ago we ended our week with a moose breaking into a shed. This week, we wrap things up with one breaking into a school.

According to the Saskatoon Star, the incident occurred just before 9am when a moose approached the window of Sylvia Fedoruk School’s community room. A dozen students and staff present then watched as the moose proceeded to break through the glass window and stand in the room, injured and confused, until authorities were called.

The school was forced to remain in lockdown until roughly 11am, giving local police and conservation officers time to tranquillize the moose, load it into a truck, and transport it to a safe location.

Photo by Matt Smith

By all accounts, the moose recovered fine and is now back in the wild. Unlike our story a few weeks ago, this moose is not thought to have been suffering from any parasites and the cause of this strange behaviour has just been chalked up to confusion.

Facebook: Saskatchewan Environment

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