Manitoba hunter fined $486 after shooting deer decoy from road

Originally seen on Fish’n Canada’s Week in Review

Last Friday, the Province of Manitoba released their quarterly Conservation Officer Service Enforcement Update, a comprehensive list of fish and wildlife infractions that have occurred over the last few months.

While the list was long and full of noteworthy infractions, one particular instance caught our eye.

In order to catch poachers during southern Manitoba’s deer season, conservation officers often employ the use of decoys and monitor any disturbances that could suggest unlawful hunting. During last year’s season, the disturbance was rather obvious as conservation officers watched two hunters stop on the side of the road and walk back towards their whitetail decoy.

“A female hunter knelt on one knee in the middle of the road and shot twice at the decoy.” said the report.

As a result, officers quickly stopped the individuals and issued the shooter a $486 ticket for shooting from a public road within a municipality.

For the rest of the infractions reported this quarter, check out the full list at the link below:

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