Major League Fishing Rule Change: When 12” Just Won’t Do

A rule change in the Major League Fishing format is about to be implemented into the 2020 competition season. They are introducing a variable minimum weight system and getting away from the minimum 12” length limit. The first location will be at Lake Eufaula in Alabama. The number will be a 2-pound minimum weight per fish.

As long as they are 2 lbs or bigger, fill your boots boys!

The MLF website says “The goal is to offer a minimum that’s a quality bass for that fishery, to set the bar higher at each fishery than has traditionally been set”. We say, great idea!

It will be interesting to see how this affects the MLF anglers. Before they could sit on a spot and catch 1 pounders all day, now that tactic won’t produce squat in the form of a win.

Fishing competitions throughout the world often draw significant crowds and even the smallest of events raise the economic benefits of the area in which they are held. Gas, accommodations, food, etc. from competitors and spectators all contribute.

Read Major League Fishing’s full article here


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