Lake Trout Spawning Beds Restored in Diamond Lake, Ontario

Originally seen in Fish’n Canada’s Week in Review

Ontarians received some more positive news on the Lake Trout front this week when spawning beds were returned to the once Lake Trout rich Diamond Lake.

Diamond Lake, near the town of Combermere, was once home to a thriving Lake Trout population. However, according to those who fish the lake, these glory days have long since passed. The decline of lake’s Lake Trout population has long been linked to the heavy siltation that it has experienced in the last few decades. This created a destructive barrier between the Lake Trout and their spawning beds, preventing the eggs from receiving oxygen and significantly lowering the number of eggs that hatch into fry. This, however, is soon to change.

Stemming from a project envisioned in 2015 by then MNDMNRF biologist Kirby Punt, this week saw plans get put into action as the silt was power washed away from the Lake Trout beds just in time for the spawning season. With help from the Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s Outdoor Fund, as well as many other local doners, the project will continue its efforts over the winter as they plan to place boulders on the ice when the lake freezes, allowing them to fall in place and create future spawning habitat when the ice thaws in the spring.

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