Illegal Bear Hunt: $60,000 In Fines and Lifetime Suspension

$60,000 in fines

Our Canadian natural resources are such a wonderful blessing. Without the availability to view and or legally harvest our wildlife or to be able to venture out on the water to sport fish or catch a fish for supper would be a huge detriment to our northern way of life.

One would think that being of Canadian heritage, people would respect this wonderful blessing that was bestowed upon us and live by the laws that were implemented years ago.

Not so, at least not for some.

There are “good ol’ Canucks” that feel they can take advantage of the system and most importantly, our wildlife. To add to this, certain individuals to the south also feel they can rape and pillage our great outdoors.

This story is another one that sickens our hearts to an unbelievable level. Here we have Canadians (form Ontario) illegally guiding Americans to hunt… sorry, knowingly poach black bear (seems like our poor Black Bear is the brunt of most of these blows).

The charges were:

  • Hunting black bear without a licence
  • Making a false statement in a document
  • Exporting wildlife without a permit
  • Unlawfully transferring a black bear licence
  • Transporting illegally killed wildlife
  • Hunting black bear within 400 metres of a dump
  • Abandoning the flesh of a black bear suitable for food
  • Providing bear hunting services without a licence
  • Being party to exporting wildlife without a permit.
  • Being party to unlawfully attaching a seal to a bear killed by another person
  • Being party to providing black bear hunting services without a licence

Obviously this is ultimately for the almighty dollar but REALLY guys? Is making extra money in such a manner necessary?

Is obtaining a trophy animal in such a manner necessary?

Obviously, to the following, it was, here are the names:

Ontario residents:  Russell Christensen and Keevin Beckerton.

Michigan residents: Onie Miller III, Onie Miller IV, Adam Collins, BrieAnna Miller, Andrew Geiger, Kevin Henning, Falisha Colby, William Dewitt.

Poaching has normally been thought of as a “man’s” crime but as you can see above, ladies aren’t so innocent either.

Poachers are poachers as they are criminals. Punishment due!

Here’s the MNRF report

Remember, these numbers are an avenue we can use to do our part and report crimes in the wild

TIPS line toll free at 1-877-847-7667 or contact your local ministry office.

You can also call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS.

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