Ice Fishing Gear Stolen, Huts Vandalized

Like Covid is not enough to deal with right now, but this???

Then again, nobody ever said that thieves have any sense of rationale.

A recent string of break-ins happened on Lake Simcoe leaving Kevin Cao of CW Marine & Powersport shocked.

As part of Kevin’s business, he runs an ice fishing operation where he rents out gorgeous, fully equipped ice huts for anglers who just want to arrive and go fishing, leaving all the purchasing, and hauling of gear out of the equation.

Unfortunately, 7 of 13 of Cao’s huts were broken into (damaged by smashed windows, etc.) with stoves and propane heaters being stolen.

The incident was reported to the police who said unfortunately it’s a common occurrence.

In the meantime, Cao’s equipment obviously needs to be replaced, but until he can get a better security system in place, he and some employees are, believe it or not, sleeping overnight in the huts. Catch ’em red-handed buddy!!!

Best of luck Kevin, hopefully, crime won’t pay off.

NOTE: to all readers in the Keswick/Lake Simcoe area, keep an eye out on Kijiji, Facebook Market Place, etc. for 30,000 BTU heaters, portable stoves, etc., and report anything that looks out of the ordinary to the police).

Learn more about the full story here.

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