Gigantic Black Crappie Sets New State Record

Although we are a Canadian company, we do like hearing news stories from around the globe. This one is a dandy!

We are quite sure that most anglers dream of catching a record-sized fish; heck we do all the time. But few ever attain that goal. David Burruss, who owns Clear Lake Outdoors in Lakeport California, attained that very goal on Feb. 17, 2021 and while doing so, had his eyes completely opened when he saw a 4-pound, 5.44 oz Black Crappie coming to the surface of Clear Lake. This fish has broken a long-running previous record for the state of California by Wilma Honey in 1975, on New Hogan Lake. That fish weighed 4 pounds, 1 ounce and measured 17 ¾ inches in length and had a 16-inch girth.

From what we have found, Burruss wasn’t even targeting Crappie at the time of the capture. He was bass fishing. Although Crappie purists will have something to say about this (a fluke, no skill etc.) by the credentials of Burrus, he knows his way around the water.

What does not surprise us in this story however is the fact that Burruss saw his record Crappie on his Garmin LiveScope setup. We are betting that a Crappie that big, would very much resemble a bass. Burruss said there were two more fish the exact same size suspended with his record fish, but they would not bite. It proves

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