Introducing Garmin® LiveScope Perspective Mode

Fishing and marine electronics industry world leader Garmin has again, upped the game by announcing an add-on feature to their already groundbreaking LiveScope technology.

Introducing LiveScope Perspective Mode.

Now not only does LiveScope shoot forward and down (with a “side view” perspective on your Garmin unit’s screen), it now shoots a top-down view up to 50 feet away.

All you have to do is connect your LiveScope LVS32 transducer (on your trolling motor shaft or a separate pole) to the new Perspective Mode mount, adjust the mount (no tools needed), make sure you’ve updated the LiveScope software and a whole new “perspective” is there for you to view.

The amazing part of all this is the LVS32 transducer is smart enough to detect all the modes and adjust automatically, accordingly.

“We heard the news leak last week,” says Pete “and right away I knew that this again would be another additional tool that will up our game. I cannot wait to give it a try”

“This update or upgrade if you will,” says Angelo “is yet another game-changer that Garmin has made available to all of us anglers, ultimately giving us the upper hand”.

The new LiveScope Perspective Mode mount is expected to be available in March 2020 and will retail for $99.99 US.

LiveScope is compatible with GPSMAP® 8400/8600 series MFDs, GPSMAP 7400/7600 series, GPSMAP 7×2/9×2/12×2 Touch/7×2 Plus/9×2 Plus/12×2 Plus series, ECHOMAP™ Plus 70cv/70sv/90sv series, ECHOMAP™ UHD 70cv/70sv/90sv series and the ECHOMAP™ Ultra series.

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Ang and Pete will give us more updates as they hit the water and test LiveScope Perspective out but it’s safe to say, they’re very excited!

Read the Garmin press release here

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