Effects of COVID on Angling Survey

If you think the way we do, you are probably wondering the effects that Covid 19 has had on the angling community so far.

Did more people fish or are more people fishing?

Did more people exclude themselves from fishing?

What about cancelling permits for competitive fishing events, as well as closing boat ramps, marinas, and other access points used for fishing?

Do you want to know how the pandemic is affecting the behaviours and perceptions of individuals and groups?

A group of professionals (including Steven Cook and Andrew Howarth) used a web based online survey to target resident anglers in Ontario, Canada, to obtain preliminary insight on how the pandemic has impacted recreational fishing and related activity.

The post states that the survey consisted of 41 questions like number of days fished, the percentage of fish harvested, the amount of money spent on recreational angling, number of fish caught, etc.

The survey was looking at three themes:

(1) the general patterns in recreational fisheries during the pandemic (i.e., total days fished, number of fish caught, percentage of fish kept and [or] consumed, fishing-related spending)

(2) participant motivations and (or) reasons for change (i.e., for increased or decreased effort, increased or decreased consumption of fish)

(3) the communications and response(s) of governments and recreational anglers to the pandemic.

Although this is an extensive read, there certainly is something in there that we feel would be of interest to all our readers.

Give it a read and let us know your thoughts.

Anglers Survey

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