Cottage-Goers: Come On Dougie, When Can We Go?

The Cottage

Cottage-goers had a bit of a pandemic uplifter earlier this week when the Doug Ford government teased that restrictions on travel to cottage country may be eased off for the Victoria Day weekend.

Unfortunately, the Ford government is now reconsidering their earlier statement, admitting they may have jumped the gun. They are now advising against all non-essential travel during the upcoming long weekend. This is bad news for outdoorsy people for whom the Victoria Day weekend (or “The May Two-Four”) signifies the start of “all things cottage.”

It’s a time of year when people flock to the north country, launch their boats, spark up the bar-bee, stock the fridge with a case or two of beer, clean up the yard from the hard Canadian winter and, essentially, chill out for a few days. Of course, if fishing seasons are open on the cottage lake, angling is also a big part of it.

Owning a cottage in Canada is a luxury that not all can afford and, quite frankly, some don’t even understand. It’s a huge expense, especially now that cottage country is considered prime real estate. Cottage business is also huge—and not only for those that can afford to buy a home away from home. It’s the perfect opportunity to rent a $300,000 property for a week or two and get that outdoor fix for the season. It’s also a great source of income for the business-minded people who rent out their prized buildings.

So far this year, though, cottaging is still on hold in Ontario.

Hopefully, through smart decisions, safe practice, and common sense by the general population, an ease in restrictions will be reached.

For now, a trip to the cottage is strictly maintenance only. Canadians may have to make room in the fridge at home for the extra case of beer on Victoria Day weekend 2020.

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