Chum Salmon Stocks in Serious Danger After BC Floods

Originally seen in Fish’n Canada’s Week in Review

Salmon are perhaps one of the lesser concerns with the flooding BC is experiencing right now but, since we report outdoor news, fish will be the focus of this story.

According to officials Vancouver Island’s Goldstream Hatchery, via CHEK News, Chum Salmon are one of the primary concerns with the exceptionally high water. After a year that has already seen historically low returns for nearly all species of west-coast salmon, the historic flooding events has now pushed sediment and organic material into the hatchery, threatening to impact the survivability of the recently dropped eggs by suffocating them before they hatch.

“Debris” is perhaps an understatement…

The severity of the impact these floods will have is yet to be known and will not likely be measurable until the water returns to normal levels.

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