Black Bear Breaks into Fort McMurray Home

Originally seen in Fish’n Canada’s Week in Review

With snow flying throughout much of northwestern Canada, many westerners have likely been forecasting the end of bear season. In Fort McMurray, however, a family was reminded, up close and personal, that it is not time for hibernation quite yet.

As told on CBC Edmonton Radio, Sean Reddy was at home with two of his sons when his dog’s barking alerted him to a Black Bear that had gotten into his garage. Being a relatively common occurrence in northern Alberta, Sean made his way into the house to let his son know of the bear and they both stood outside and watched as it left the garage and slowly wandered off towards the side of the house.

Thinking the bear had made its way back into the woods, Sean and his son were just about to go back inside when his youngest son came rushing out the front door complaining of scratching sounds coming from down the hall. Running back into the house to investigate, the near 600lb Black Bear from the garage was now standing, calm as could be, in the hallway of the Reddy’s home.

After a quick tour of the house, the bear wandered into one of the bedrooms, providing Sean with the chance to close the door and create barriers made from furniture to guide the bear back the way he had come. Not before eating, and smashing, a half-finished bowl of cereal, the bear eventually made his way back outside as if nothing at all had just occurred.

A black bear leaving the Reddy residence
Photo by Sean Reddy via Facebook

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