Bass Tournament Organizer Gets Slapped With Big Fine

If you have been following any of the more prominent Canadian fishing tournaments, then you have probably heard of the large fish-kill which happened on July 2019 during a St Lawrence River Bass tourney near Gananoque Ontario. During this event, 195 fish perished due to some inexplicable reason. Some say it was due to the lack of proper water treatment by the organizers in the fish-holding areas while others speculate that this was the by-product of some twisted sabotage.

We may never get to the bottom of this unfortunate incident resulting in the loss of some 200 Ontario bass.

“Pete and I have known Ben for a long time now” says Ang “and from what we can tell, Bens events were some of the most professionally run tournaments in the country. The fish were always treated with the utmost care and respect. This tragic incident came as a shock to me knowing how much Ben cares for fish. It was unfortunate for our natural resources and the entire B1 tournament team”.

Here is a Fish’n Canada Live with Ang & Pete in where Ben was a guest. If you listen closely you will see and hear an extended interview in a discussion about the event in which this fish kill occurred. Here Ben also talks about different venues having varying water conditions, he talks about the respect and professionalism of competitive tournament anglers and many other aspects in this field. It’s a really interesting interview.

“As I said in that interview” says Pete “I have literally shared a boat with Ben on more than one occasion. He, just like Ang and I, has a passion and a love for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. He lives for these little creatures and I feel 100 percent confident, that this fish kill was not due to negligence on Bens part”.

But mistakes do happen and no matter the cause, the fish did indeed die. Ben recently posted a statement on his Facebook Page taking full responsibility and admitting to his mistake.

Here is the MNRF newsletter pertaining to the incident. Ben was charged $9000.00 for failing to abide by the terms and conditions of a licence. The ministry states that they want to remind fishing tournament organizers that they must follow all the conditions of licenses and authorizations issued to them.

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