Bass Anglers Caught Cheating During Tournament

Bass anglers cheating


So you think you can cheat fellow anglers out of their hard-earned entry fees? Maybe the tournament organizers out of the first place winnings? How about abuse to the fish that you allegedly caught?

This is what happens when “cheaters” hit the water and put on the ultimate fishing con. Unfortunately, we probably catch about 10 percent of the fishing tournament cheating that goes on. It’s much the same as when poachers do their criminal activities; only a small percentage get caught.

In this article, the fish and wildlife officers were most definitely on the ball and doing their jobs at Lake Powell in Utah. They noticed that the “cheaters” fish looked different than the rest of the fish being weighed in. The fish had noticeably smaller heads with fatter bodies (Lake Powell Bass normally are much leaner looking).

Another tell-tale sign was the fish had a lot of red colouring in the fins. This indicates some kind of stress (you see this a lot after a Muskie puts on a huge battle).

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