B.C. man receives lifetime fishing ban

Originally seen in Fish’n Canada’s Week in Review

In what could amount to one of the largest personal fisheries violations in Canadian history, a B.C.man has been given a rare lifetime ban from fishing after multiple violations of Canada’s Fisheries Act.

According to CTV News Vancouver Island, the punishment is so rare, in fact, that this is the first time it has been dealt in the Pacific region in over a decade.

The list of violations that led to this punishment is long and growing. Since 2008, the man, Scott Steer, has been involved in 15 different DFO investigations and has had four boats and two vehicles seized in the process. More recently, Steer was caught illegally fishing for crab in Vancouver, resulting in a high-speed pursuit with the DFO, six months in jail, another boat confiscation, and now two-lifetime fishing bans.

According to the DFO, the two other crew members involved in the Vancouver Harbour incident have been convicted or pleaded guilty to violations of the Fisheries Act and will receive sentencing in early 2022.

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