Asian Carp: Why We Need To Be Worried

Asian Carp

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources collected invasive Asian Carp yesterday for study using “electrofishing” equipment that stuns the fish, at Barkley Dam about 1,000 KM from Lake Erie.

This video will show you what might happen if we get Asian Carp in our Canadian Lakes:

We published a study that warns Asian Carp could become the most common fish in Lake Erie.

This study is based on computer modeling that projects bighead and silver carp eventually could make up about 34% of the total fish weight in Lake Erie; this lake already has the most fish of the five Great Lakes.

This computer model was conducted by scientists with several universities and government agencies in the U.S and Canada. If they are successful in entering Lake Erie, species like Walleye and Rainbow trout, along with prey species like Gizzard Shad and Emerald Shiners, could all decline. The study shows that Smallmouth Bass will increase up to 16%. Read more about this study here.

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