American Angler (Possibly) Breaks Canadian Smallmouth Bass Record

Ohioans, Gregg Gallagher and his son Grant had a potentially record setting trip when they went north of the border for a fishing trip to Lake Erie this past week. Using a drop-shot rig paired with just 8-pound test line, Gregg landed a record Smallie weighing in at 10.15 lbs and measuring 23.75 inches.

The massive fish was caught in Canadian waters in proximity to Pele Island. In the accompanying video, you can see the pure joy the anglers felt when this smallmouth of a lifetime was finally landed.

The fish is being held by the  Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) pending confirmation. If verified, the massive Smallie would beat the current Canadian record of 9.84 lbs caught in Birch Bark Lake near Kinmount, Ontario. Additionally, this would be the only 10 pound plus Smallmouth Bass to ever have been caught in the Great Lakes.

photos Courtesy of ODNR

Congratulations to Grant and Gregg!

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  1. Heard about this today listening to the Pod Cast. Congrats to both. Would this still be a Canadian record being caught in Canadian waters or American record due to American anglers. Just curious how that would work.

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