A Contest Note From Ang & Pete

Let us start out by saying we are SOOOO excited with our Ontario Get-Away Give-Away contest. The fact that it is maybe the most unique contests ever offered to the outdoors community offering the opportunity for every participant to get a crack at the ultimate fishing trip of a lifetime.

“Pete and I are admittedly spoiled” says Ang “in that we not only get to visit beautiful fishing lodges every season, but we’ve been doing it for some 30+ years during the filming of The Fish’n Canada Television Show”.

“Through all of our time travelling to these amazing destinations” continues Pete “we have seen every conceivable trip available… and we feel every fishing lodge is a special place.”

However, there is a misconception out there that the term “fishing lodge” automatically means a fly-in trip. Yes, many are fly-in adventures however, there are multitudes of other amazing destinations that can be accessed by means other than a float plane.

As an example, the absolute best “trophy Walleye” fishing we’ve ever had on the Fish’n Canada show was at… a drive-to destination.

“We have caught more giant Eyes during a single drive-to shoot” says Ang “than at any fly-in ever… and that’s Canada wide!”

Not to play favorites, we won’t divulge the above destination, however if you are a fan of The Fish’n Canada Show, then you can probably make an educated guess. (BTW, that lodge is participating in the contest).

“Another lodge type that we have encountered more times than we can count” says Pete “are lake-access lodges. What these are is you arrive with your vehicle and then meet a lodge attendant at a landing area, and they water-taxi you and your gear to the lodge.”

“The alternative” Pete continues “is you bring your own boat and the lodge either sends a guide boat for you to follow back, or they give you the lodge GPS coordinates.”

These “boat-to” lodges have given us plenty of fantastic television episodes throughout the years, even on lakes with easy access.

Of course, we would be remiss if we left out the train-in experience. This is the most relaxing of all travel types. Sit back, relax, have a snack, play some cards with your fish’n buddies and finally… hit the water.

“The whole point of this little article” says Ang “is to remind everyone that there is more to a fishing lodge trip than flying in” and in the Great Ontario Getaway Giveaway contest, folks have a shot at winning just about every type of fishing lodge experience imaginable”.

“Yeah, for those who have never been on a float plane” continues Pete “it is a real thrill but don’t ever think that driving to, training in or boating in, is any the lesser… in fact it’s every bit as awesome!”

Best of luck to all who enter!

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