KBF 2010

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Thursday night and all of Friday had Mike, Ang and I at the inaugural Kaeden Brown Foundation golf tournament in the ever so populated Arkona area of somewhere in Ontario. Hats off to the board of directors of the foundation for putting on one of the classiest and pleasurable events we have ever attended.

We had a great dinner and garage party at Sporty Meadows house on Thursday night. Got to bed about 3:30 am and woke up to big George snoring up a storm on the couch at around 6:30… yeah, like we were ready to golf!!!

Did a big breakfast at some farmhouse/deer camp/bodyshop (remember, it’s Arkona) with the beautiful sounds of full sized dump trucks ripping up the gravel roads at about 50MPH (you know you’re in the country when the kids are in the yard waiting for the school bus and waving at the maniac truck drivers… “ good-morning Bill, good-morning Harry”; “morning kids… vroom with a trail of dust a kilometer long). Finally we were off to the track.

The course was excellent and in great shape (unlike us) and our teams were ready to go (unlike us) and the event was off and running (unlike us… get my point!).

I can honestly say that this was one of the most fun filled rounds of golf I have ever had. Of course my foursome helped with their great golf and diabolical practical jokes but it was the “Sisters of Mayo” that really perked us up. This wonderful group of lovely ladies could certainly be the poster group for Hellmann’s.

The highlight of the event was the fundraising… the foundation probably raised close to 50 grand!!! Well done Marty and the rest of the group.

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Pete Bowman

Pete, one of the most revered and popular anglers in the nation, has a tremendous love for the game… the fishing game. Pete’s vast knowledge of angling and ability to articulate it to audiences worldwide has endeared him to his fans who still see Pete as just “ONE OF THE BOYS”. Pete is also an accomplished and published outdoor writer and photographer as well as a sought-after speaker. In 2012 another of Pete’s ultimate fishing career highlights occurred when he was inducted into the Canadian Angler Hall Of Fame, something he never thought would happen. A Canadian fishing icon.

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