How to Maintain Your Outboard Motor

You have taken your hard-earned dollars and invested them into that beautiful, black shiny outboard motor on the back of your boat. Well done.

So now, do you just let it do its thing all on its own?

Well to an extent yes, however, a bit of maintenance and a lot of TLC can go a long way.

There are certain procedures that you, a boat owner can do to maintain your outboard motor and keep it looking and running better. Things like cleaning your outboard cowl and removing water spots from both your boat and motor. How to flush your motor to remove sand, dirt, saltwater, and other debris. How to keep your marine engine’s steering linkages properly lubricated. As well how about break-in procedures or something as seemingly simple as how to remove fishing line from your propeller.

Well, the answer to these as well and more are on the Mercury Marine website.

Merc has come up with some excellent videos on outboard care to help aid the boater to maintain their outboard motor and keep them on the water. We feel this is most definitely worth checking out.


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