How To Cook Sea Bass

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How To Cook Sea Bass

We’re at our new shop, here in the town of Blue Mountains across from beautiful Georgian Bay. Today we’re doing a little bit of a demo for you with my favourite fish, Sea Bass; it’s just a fantastic flaky item if it’s done properly.

Normally we would use Ontario fish for this—but the Fish’n Canada boys make us throw everything back.

Our ingredients today: some beautiful hand-churned butter; salt; pepper; and some blackened spice. First, we prepared our Sea Bass by Sous-Vide for two or three hours. The beautiful thing about it? Once you set the temperature, you can’t overcook it. Because it’s actually in the sealing bag, you’re not going to dry it out. You’ll have perfectly cooked Sea Bass to temperature only.

After the Sous-Vide, (2 -3 hours at 54.9°C) we put some beautiful butter in a hot pan, throw a little bit of salt, pepper, and our blackened spice in, make it work its way around. Once the grill is ready to go, drop that Sea Bass on there and away we go!  Add more salt and pepper.

Now we’re giving that skin a little bit of crust—remember, it’s already cooked; we’re just giving it texture. In the end, you should have beautiful, white flaky fish with a buttery flavour—almost like a lobster finish to it.

That’s how simple it is.

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