Otter Lake, Quebec

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Location: Otter Lake, Quebec
GPS: N45º 48.299′ W074º 47.647′
Species: Rainbow Trout, Largemouth Bass

This Hotspot is on Otter Lake in Quebec’s Kenauk Nature Reserve in the Outaouais Region. Since this is a small, bowl-shaped lake with very little bottom structure, we suggest trolling for best results. Covering water is the key to success here.

We highly recommend bringing a portable GPS/Sonar combo. Once you locate a group of fish, waypoint and stay with them until the action stops, then simply look for another school and repeat the process.

Try trolling flies and small spoons. Vary your trolling speeds for better success.

For a break in the Rainbow action, you can target Largemouth Bass as well.

Otter Lake is an “Electric Motor Only” lake. Contact Kenauk and they can provide you with a small boat and trolling motor.

This is a fantastic spot to take the family fishing or for a group of anglers to go out, relax, and catch a bunch of fish!

Baits: Flies, Spinners, Spoons
Presentation: Trolling
Water depth: 10-30 feet