Long Mountain Lake, British Columbia

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Location: Long Mountain Lake, British Columbia
GPS: N59º 18.091′ W126º 38.585′
Species: Lake Trout

This Fish’n Canada Hotspot is directly off a point on British Columbia’s Long Mountain Lake which leads towards a saddle and an underwater hump.

On a past Fish’n Canada episode shot at this location, we didn’t have to dig too deep into Garmin’s fish finding technology for this one as the traditional screen was perfect at showing both schools of bait and huge marks indicating the big Lakers below. We also benefited greatly from using the Quickdraw feature which gave us a detailed reference for precise boat positioning.

Although we did also do a bit of trolling, we mostly sat on top of the fish and picked off giant after giant.

Baits: Spoons, Heavy Swimbaits
Presentation: Cast or Drop to Individual Fish
Water depth: 24-35 feet