Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta

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Location: Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta
GPS: N55º 28.634′ W115º 34.416′
Species: Walleye

This Alberta Hotspot is a flat near the narrows that separate the two large sections of Lesser Slave Lake. This is an area that needs lots of searching since the fish will not sit in one specific spot for very long. Typical of a flat, this area has groups of Walleye moving in and out at different times.

Try trolling spinners tipped with worms, Walleye-style crankbaits, or dragging a jig and drop shot combo. Vary your speeds.

Depth: 12 – 25 feet. Rig: Bottom Bouncers; Jigs Drop Shots with Live Bait; Walleye-style Crankbaits. Technique: Drift Using Wind; Slow Troll with Electric Motor; Troll with Kicker.