Lake St Francis, Ontario

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Angelo with his enormous Lake St. Francis muskie.
Location: Lake St. Francis, Ontario
GPS: N45º 04.083′ W074º 31.591′
Species: Muskie

This Muskellunge Hotspot is a drop-off in Lake St FrancisTrophy muskie live throughout this body of water, giving anglers a good chance at catching a true giant. Fish’n Canada hosts Angelo Viola and Pete Bowman both caught their personal best muskies on Lake St Francis within mere moments of each other—this thrilling once-in-a-lifetime experience was captured for the episode “Saint Francis Titans.”

Ang and Pete drifted a custom rig with a one-ounce weight designed by their guide and good buddy Ryan Flaro right through the spots he put them on. 

Ang and Pete highly recommend that you hire a Muskie Guide for this water because of its expansive size, and because of the very specific areas that these underwater leviathans use to feed.

Baits: Shadzillas, Bondy Baits, Waterwolf Tubes
Presentation: Drift or Troll
Water depth: 15-30 feet