French River, Ontario (Muskie)

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Location: French River, Ontario
GPS: N46º 11.041′ W79º 51.548′
Species: Muskie

This Hotspot is a trolling area for Muskie on the French River. Unless you intimately know the French River and all of its Musky haunts, trolling is your best option to try and find active feeding fish.

In the summer, run your baits anywhere from 3 – 5mph. Come late fall, try slowing down. Big Muskie Crankbaits and jointed plugs are a great choice. Vary the trolling depths by using a variety of diving lip sizes.

Remember, although Muskie seems to be the toughest creature in the water, they too need care once caught; take a quick picture and then immediately release these wonderful beasts.

Baits: Big Muskie Crankbaits
Presentation: Troll Covering
Water depth: 12-30 feet