A Walleye Annihilation

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Been a while since Blog 13, sorry about that. Had some family issues to deal with etc.

Latest trips have been a couple of Bass excursions an a great Walleye trip.

As for the Bass, a real highlite of this year was a day on the water with my father-in-law John up at his cottage. I drove up and met him for the day and we simply went Bass fish’n! It was a beautiful Sept. day with water temps in the mid 60’s. I really thought we’d clock em’ (Largemouth) but it was just ok. A lot of the fish were spooky because of the sunny calm weather and they were very shallow. Caught a couple or 3 but no pigs. Did better on the Smallies for #’s but again no bigguns’. Had a big gal under the boat all charged up and had her bite a Senko but she didn’t have it all in her mouth… bait came back bit in half. I’ll bet that fish was well over 5!

Our Walleye trip had Ang & me back up to Pasha Lake Cabins. We drove for 1.5 hrs from the camp and boated for another 45 minutes to the top of Lake Nipigon and experienced probably the fastest Walleye fishing we have ever had! This is a side trip that Pasha offers and it’s well worth it if you have a few buddies with you. Using Yamamoto Swim Baits & grubs, we laid a poundin’ on those N. Ont. Walters!!! EVERY spot we stopped, we caught fish. Some areas were better than others but honestly, it was unreal. Do yourself a favor and give Chad a callwww.pashalake.com

Keep sending in pictures and chatting, we really do love it!


Pete Bowman

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