A Look Back at the Outdoor Journal | Fish’n Canada Live

Angelo Viola and Pete Bowman reflect on their many adventures as hosts of the Outdoor Journal, a decade-spanning reality television program that sent the two outdoorsmen travelling to some of the most remote and exotic places on Earth. In this particular segment, they introduce the show to their new audience and tease what’s to come in future installments.

The Outdoor Journal

Angelo and Pete have decided to do a deep dive into their past as hosts of the decade-spanning adventure reality program, The Outdoor Journal. For The Outdoor Journal, the two travelled to some of the most remote and exotic locations on Earth and documented their experiences.

The crew has begun the arduous task of painstakingly transferring all the old Beta tapes to a digital platform so the co-hosts can relive these adventures, and even share some never-before-seen footage that may have been too controversial for the show’s original broadcast.

In this introductory segment, the hosts share a few clips from the show and reminisce about the experiences and, of course, the outdated fashion. In the clips featured in this segment, Angelo is persuaded to carry an enormous Anaconda, Pete has a close encounter with a crocodile, and the hosts visit a nicotine-addicted monkey!

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